This Month in HIstory is a regular feature in Locus magazine ...

March 1, 2144. Kings sweep primaries. Riding the coattails of first gang President "Lorider" Ruiz, the Latin Kings are poised to win congressional majorities in eleven key states. Dems and Crips decry all-male slates.

March 3, 2066. Lady Liberty 4 freed. Jailed for Felony Incitement, the four women who veiled the Statue of Liberty with a canvas hijab are released on their own recognizance after their action is ruled a fashion misdemeanor by New York Appeals Court Judge, Connie O'Day.

March 14, 2094. "This land is your land." President Houth signs New Homestead Act, opening BLM lands to vets, retired law enforcement personnel and widowers. Sales of cowboy hats and GPS drones surge as western states prepare for biggest land rush since 1893.

March 29, 2204. Heavenly Palace hijacking. Sword-wielding Tibetan pirates board popular low-orbit resort, demanding freedom for Dalai Lama. China's steadfast refusal to trade oxygen for hostages later ends occupation without violence. 233 dead include 114 American honeymooners.

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