This Month in HIstory is a regular feature in Locus magazine ...

January 1, 2204. Last whitetail. An Illinois fender-bender closes the book on the nuisance deer, once common in eastern North America. Highway Safety "czar" Ito credits Oxitech's chromosome saturate, which doomed the emergent all-male variant (Odocoileus sry) to a swift two-generation extinction. No injuries.

January 11, 2254. "Dirty Bird" enters Black Sea. The eleven-pontoon extraterrestrial vessel that penetrated the biosphere in December 2241 is apparently completing its survey of Earth's oceans. Still no word as to its origins or intentions.

January 22, 2017. Plus one. In his first Executive Order, President Trump adds Pro-tem Justice to Supreme Court. White male appointee to serve 4-8 years at presidential discretion, must not have college or law degree, disfiguring handicap or recent felony conviction.

January 26, 2066. Surf seals Gaza. Ignoring UN sanctions, Israel blockades Palestinian coastline with 22-foot slater wave provided by Oceani Industries of Santa Cruz. This is the first time recreational waves have been used for diplomatic, military or security purposes.

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